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"It takes an endless amount

of history to make even a little

tradition. "

Henry James

Porto City



Portugal is a beautiful country located southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, and it is well-known globally for the quality of its wines.


Portugal is the birthplace of the famous port wine and one of the first countries to introduce quality control of wine at its place of origin (Denominação de Origem Controlada - DOC). Portuguese wine has indisputable advantages, which are the high quality of the national wine production and the diversity of the grape varieties.


Vinho Verde Region

Portuguese Vineyard
Douro River in Portugal


Vinho Verde covers the northwest area of Portugal and it is a unique region. Its vibrant freshness, elegance, lightness and aromatic flavorful expressions, especially its fruity and floral notes, are the characteristics that define and differentiate Vinho Verde. 


The natural conditions of this region are the best for the production of white wines, and other alcoholic beverages such as sparkling wines and brandies.


Dão Wine Region


Dão is one of the oldest wine demarcated (DOC) wine regions in Portugal (1908). It is located between the Mondego and Dão rivers in the Center-North part of the country. It is a mountainous region with a temperate climate.


High altitude provides cool nights, slower ripening, good acidity and aroma, giving this zone the potential for great elegance in the wines, both red and white.


Porto & Douro Region


This is one of the wildest, most mountainous and rugged wine regions of Portugal, cut through in deep twists and turns by the River Douro. The wine region follows the course of the river down from the Spanish border to a point near the town of Mesão Frio, about 90km up-river from the city of Porto (Oporto).


The Douro has a huge selection of local grape varieties and many vineyards of impressive gnarled old vines that give small yields of a rich and complex wine, whether for port wine or unfortified wines.  


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